Custom Luxury Aquariums Florida

 What is a Custom Luxury Aquarium?

Forget the aquariums you grew up with with, the right amount of money and space you can have your own underwater kingdom fit for a star like Nemo. We’re here at in Miami Florida where the average custom tank cost some where between $35 and $40, 000. A little bit later we’re going to show you one that costs almost double that, but first we’re going to meet the man behind the madness.

The client who comes to you do they love fish or do they just want a cool piece of art? It really depends. Aquariums are luxury products so a lot of the time when they’re building that multimilllion dollar house piece of real estate, they need fast car, they need home theater system, they need an aquarium.

It’s a part of it. Where do people typically put them? We do a lot of bathroom tanks believe it or not, but we do everything in dinning rooms to basements. We do beautiful aquarium Time Warner building for Anna Anisimova,  she’s a Russian heiress. Tell us about some of the celebrity clients aquariums that you’ve built.

Custom Luxury Aquariums in Florida

Lot of baseball players seems like. We did David wright, Jorge Posada, CC Sabathia I just met Ice T and Coco. There you go, you’ve now reached the pinnacle of aquarium construction. In terms of what’s inside the tank do you just sort of design that yourself or does the customer get involved, and they say I want a rock formation, or I want a skull in my tank?

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It’s a personality every client is different, I know my animals quite well so after interviewing them and asking them what their favorite color is, and growing up what was their favorite sea creatures or something that you liked. Then we’ll develop something called a fish portfolio. A fish portfolio probably doing better than some peoples actual stock portfolios right now.

Absolutely. Let’s go check out the fish. What’s the most popular type of fish people request for their aquarium mansions?

Custom Luxury Aquariums Florida

Depends on the client. I have one woman actually, believe it or not, who loved more eels, and most people do not like them  because they look like snakes. It’s very aggressive. It’s like the Pit bull of the fish world. It’s got some big teeth so you have to be quite careful. What’s the most expensive fish you’ve ever sold?

That would be a reef shark. They generally go for $60-80, 000 depending on the size. Now I hear you’ve created a battle star Galactica aquarium, is that right?

Yes I was going through a little battle star Galactica phase, and I created this aquarium in Tribeka for a client Even who and is a pretty wealthy financier. He’s even starting a reality TV show called Pilzic’s World.  I think we should go check it out. It’s a little swim across the East River.

Maybe we’ll see him.  Let’s go. We made it. That’s worth the trip. This is some tank. Let’s talk about this aquarium. It really does look like it’s floating in space. How big is this, how much water is in this, tell us the vital statistics. The client really loves lighting and how it works within space.

We actually have glass fiber optic underneath this aquarium. We can change the color fiber. There’s over 20 colors that we can change it to. And we use all white fish when the color of the fiber changes, the fish change color with it. So these are all Kois in here?

Yes, these are all coy, and they’re a special type of coy called platinum on butterfly coy.  Not bronze, not gold, but platinum. I’d expect nothing less from a $60, 000 tank. Here goes the light -changing right now. What’s in the bottom here? What is this? Actually glass blasting beads, if you can blast paint off with.

You know, you can’t show this to Nemo because he’s going to be totally jealous. He’s going to very jealous. Very jealous.   He’s going to want this. Find out More about Custom Luxury Aquariums in  Florida.

The Very Best in Florida.

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